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33 years with you

A stable and united team has been distinguished throughout this period through professionalism in the realization of investment objectives of national importance in the field of civil, social, municipal, agricultural and industrial construction, with a high degree of technical and organizational complexity.

Forms of organization over the years have been diverse, from Subway Brigade III - a basic component of the Bucharest Industrial Construction Center - General Contractor, Joint Stock Company (by Government Decision in 1991), to the joint stock company (by Government Decision in 1991). The year 1992 is the moment when a handful of dynamic people headed by Ioan Mihăilescu made one of the first large privatizations in the world of romanian mounting construction - the current society with private capital: Unicon S.A.
Former component of the Bucharest Industrial Construction Center - the General Contractor, SC Unicon SA was among the first companies in the field of construction that were privatized, being currently part of a multinational concern. The company 's shareholding is made up of Bauunternehmung GRANIT GRAZ G.m.b.H Austria, UNIVERSAL PROJECT Germania and Ioan MIHĂILESCU.
After more than 3 centuries, S.C. UNICON S.A. continues to be among the first construction companies on the domestic market and has an average business figure of over 7 million euros. „Behind" is the inspired management, under the guidance of engineer Ioan Mihăilescu, a 40-year-old builder in the civil and industrial field.
Our company carries out mainly civil and industrial construction works, rehabilitation, restoration and repair works, as well as construction works.
The company's core policy is customer orientation to precisely identify needs and satisfy them. On this line, we have implemented an Integrated Management System that meets the requirements of stakeholders regarding quality, environmental protection, occupational safety and social responsibility in accordance with the legislation in force and the requirements of the SR EN ISO 9001:2008, SR EN ISO 14001:2005, OHSAS 18001:2008, SA 8000:2008 referentials. The Integrated Management System adopted within the organization is certified by CERTIND Certification Body with credentials from Greek Accreditation Bodies (ESYD), Romania (RENAR), Italy (SINCERT) and notification to the European Commission for product conformity certification activities.

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