PVC joinery production

Unicon S.A. has invested in his own workshop in modern technologies for manufacturing PVC joinery with metal and aluminum fittings as well as Float glass panes with imported quality glass. The PVC carpentry produced by our company has the technical agreements issued by the Technical Commission in Construction - MLPAT and is marked with the Verified Quality Mark of the German REHAU® supplier.
The features of the REHAU® BASIC DESIGN profile system are: PVC material with metal armature, tricameral system with galvanized steel armature, DIN 7748 / 1.01.1989 certificate, resistance to temperature variations -40 ; +70 ~C, coefficient of thermal insulation: k=1,7 W/m2K; colors for profiles and reinforcement: white, golden oak, natural oak, dark oak, mahogany and custom colors as brown, red, yellow, blue, green, blue, negu etc).
The ironmongery is imported from Gretsch-Unitas - Germany (including swing-quality swing systems). The windows is thermopan Float with Saint Gobain glass, imported from Poland and Hungary and has thermal insulation coefficient: k = 3,0 W / m2K for a typical T 4-12-4 structure.
Our workshop offers a wide range of professional window coatings: LOW-E-mission in different collours: reflective, mirror, ornament, mat or blasted, burglar, bulletproof.
Very popular are anti-insect nets that can be: fixed, mobile (hinged) and spring-loaded. Butyl-tyocol seals (thermopan glass) are imported from Kommerling - Germany.
Aluminum profiles with or without thermal breakage are imported from Italy by Gastaldello (the recent model: New Tec) and Greece from Alumil, depending on customer request.

Comfort in living quarters, desks, or production is defined today by superior thermal insulation, lack of airborne currents, sound insulation and vibration, economy of heat (hot or cold), ease of handling swing and swing windows, swing or manual translucent doors, manual or automatic (with proximity sensors) the use of durable and quality fittings.