Civil and industrial

Unicon SA provides a mutually beneficial collaboration in terms of designing and executing the building objectives you have proposed.
If you already have an architectural design (piece) with the necessary authorizations and endorsements, we can immediately go to the execution stage. Otherwise, analyzing the location you own, we provide you with a complete architectural, strength and installation project (sanitary, electrical, thermal and ventilation). We can also obtain the necessary legal approvals and authorizations (which according to the law must be obtained by the beneficiary).
We have the ability to execute civil and industrial building structures from reinforced concrete or metal to the highest standards of quality and strength.

Our team is made up of professionals who guarantee you the quality of façades and closures, which can be:
Masonry with custom joinery with Rehau® PVC profiles and Gastealdello and Süko aluminum.
With curtain walls with PVC windows Rehau® and aluminum type Gastealdello and Süko.
Industrial, with metal panels with or without thermal insulation and PVC windows / skylights with Rehau® PVC profiles and Gastealdello and Süko aluminum.


complex works

We have a recognized experience in the country and abroad in the realization of thermoinsulations, waterproofing and interior design at any level and finishing requirement.
For old buildings, we achieve a high standard of professional consolidation, repairs, refurbishment, redevelopment, additions, partitions, facades with carpentry made in our own workshop etc.
We also perform roads, platforms, fencing, parks, canals of any complexity, parks, playgrounds for children etc.

Contact us for any problem, however trivial or complex you may find it!

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